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Auto Insurance

We offer personalized service for:

  • Auto

  • Motorcycle

  • RV

  • Boat

  • Antique Auto


Our staff would be pleased to assist you with the following:

  • Helping choose coverages and limits to suit your needs

  • Quotes from several companies to provide comparisons

  • Billing support

  • Close follow-up and quick reporting of claims

  • Several agency preferred companies for glass claims

  • Assignment to a personal lines agent

​No-Fault - Auto insurance coverage that pays for each driver's own injuries, regardless of who caused the accident. No-fault varies from state to state. It also refers to an auto liability insurance system that restricts lawsuits to serious cases. Such policies are designed to promote faster reimbursement and to reduce litigation.


Gap Insurance - An automobile insurance option, available in some states, that covers the difference between a car's actual cash value when it is stolen or wrecked and the amount the consumer owes the leasing or finance company. Mainly used for leased cars.


Deductible - The amount the policyholder will pay when they make a claim on their collision or comprehensive insurance policy.


Liability Insurance - The part of your insurance policy that pays for the damages done to other people and their property. This extends to cover medical expenses, death benefits in the event of a fatality and reparation costs on vehicles and buildings as well as other property.


Collision Insurance - An auto insurance policy that insures and covers damage to the policyholder's vehicle that was sustained in a car accident with another vehicle or property.


Comprehensive Insurance - An auto insurance policy that covers damage to the policy holder's vehicle that was not sustained in a motor vehicle collision, such as acts of God, impacts with an animal, fire, theft or other damage.

For information on fraud-related PIP claims in the state of Florida, view the attached link!
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