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Home Insurance

We offer personalized service for:

  • Homes

  • Condos/Townhomes

  • Contents for Renters

  • Rental Homes


Our staff would be pleased to assist you with the following:

  • Making sure you are provided with sufficient coverages to suit your needs

  • Quotes from several companies to provide comparisons

  • Friendly reminders when payments are due as well as contact with mortgage companies for payments from escrow accounts

  • Close follow-up and quick reporting of claims

  • Several agency preferred companies for Emergency Restoration, 4-point inspections, and wind mitigation inspections

  • Assignment to a personal lines agent

For information on preparing for a hurricane, click here.
Hurricane Planning checklist

Act of God - This is an accident or event that is unpreventable and is the result of natural causes such as lightning or floods.


Actual Cash Value (ACV) - This is the replacement cost of your damaged or lost property at the time of the loss minus the depreciation.


Replacement Cost - The cost to replace the property on the same premises with other property of comparable material and quality used for the same purpose.


Catastrophe - A severe disaster that causes a major or total loss unexpectedly and suddenly.


Fire Insurance - Part of your homeowners insurance policy that insures against losses due to fire, lightning and other causes defined in the contract.


Depreciation - The decrease in value of any property over a period of time.


Deductible - The amount of money the policy holder is responsible for when filing a claim on their  fire or homeowners insurance policy.

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